First final exam paper

13 November 2008

Asslamualikum w.b.t

There is about a week I didn't update my blog since I was busy with study week. Today, is the last 'phase' of my study week since my first paper is starting at the end of the 1st examination week which is on this Friday. Maybe some of my friends had their first paper a few days ago but for me, the feeling of entering examination hall is not feel yet. Just feeling to write something now instead of reading Islamic studies lecture note on laptop screen and surfing it's additional information from the particular website. some of my senior brothers mentioned that Islamic studies is just a simple subject since we are a Muslim and we are among the people who join 'tarbiyyah', therefore, some of the 'dalil' from our holy quran had been memorize as an additional marks during answering the question. But form me, I need a lot more reading especially in the topic of Islamic banking, Islamic state and other few topic which is not specifically discussed in my usrah. Just need a little bit more understanding and memorizing. Hope Allah will always helps me, giving me feeling to study with a full concentration and guidance me to be close to Him InsyaAllah..that's all I just want to write in this current post. I want to continued my reading and sleep a bit before performing tahjud and subuh prayer. Wallahualam adn wassalam..

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Pemuda Kelantan, Eksekutif IT di sebuah syarikat Oil and Gas. seorang musafir mencari bekalan amal untuk meraih Husnul Khatimah, kerana pengakhiran yang baik akan mendapat sesuatu yang baik di sana..hidup untuk mencari keredhaan Allah s.w.t "Tidak aku jadikan jin dan manusia itu melainkan hanyalah untuk beribadah kepadaKu"-51:56


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