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19 Oktober 2008

Maybe this is the first time I'm posting in English. It's quite interesting writing in english since studying and learning in English just applicable in my study field only (for me laa). em, it doesn't main things that I want to describe here just wanna telling a story, maybe it's not hot as an artist story but it's about my new blog title, banner and it's features.

haha.. I guess this is the third time i'am changing my blog. first from its domain name and now the title of the blog itself. The Idea come when I think myblog is not fully used to giving and sharing about Islam (actually this is the main purpose of this blog--> online da'wa), sharing about mylife torward betterment finding the 'true love' of my Creator (which is Allah s.w.t). The title'Destinasi Cinta' was taken from one of my favarouite nasyid song which was singing by Group named Mestica. It's such a beautiful song especiallt the lyric. Obiviously, if I'm really concentrated the lyric in a 'syahdu' enviroment, it's can make me cry. You know why? because it remind me about the sins that i have made, and strugguling toward Allah faith. It's not easy to be a human as we have a lot of responsibility especially to our creator. which Allah had mentioned in the Quran Surah Az-Zariyyat ayah 56 which telling us about the main purpose why are we created which is to do 'ibadah' just only for the sake of Allah...

Em too long describing about this. just enjoy my blog because next InsyaAllah, I will be writing more about my journey, sharing knowledge about Islam from the book that i Bought recently (it cost me Rm 150 something, and I don't mind about it. Hopefully, I can buy much more than that next because it is worth than my money..heheh~~) therefore, I end this post with wassalam.

p/s: Need to stdy since Vector Calculus's test is just Aroud the corner, tommorow i need to prepare for 'Usrah sekolah'
-Late at night-

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wafiUddin berkata...


LemeQ writing in English. Didn't expect that.

Good start though. A journey of a thousand miles begin with one footstep. You've made the first one!

May our writings (yours, mine and all those who call people to Islam) reach as many people and touch as many hearts as possible.

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Pemuda Kelantan, Eksekutif IT di sebuah syarikat Oil and Gas. seorang musafir mencari bekalan amal untuk meraih Husnul Khatimah, kerana pengakhiran yang baik akan mendapat sesuatu yang baik di sana..hidup untuk mencari keredhaan Allah s.w.t "Tidak aku jadikan jin dan manusia itu melainkan hanyalah untuk beribadah kepadaKu"-51:56


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